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Our aim is for EVERY healthcare event to have balanced gender representation.

Too often, we hear that conference organisers 'couldn't find a woman' to speak. Time and time again we see predominantly male speakers on conference panels, plenary sessions and keynotes.

We know this is not for a lack of phenomenal women speakers. We know these women exist, and we want to make sure that they are offered the same opportunities as their male colleagues to speak at healthcare events and conferences.

We are Women Speakers in Healthcare (WSH). We are building the UK's largest database of female healthcare professionals who have an interest in speaking at these events, so that conference organisers know exactly where to find us.

WSH was founded by five NHS women who were brought together by frustration at seeing so many all-male panels (manels) and all male keynote speakers at conferences.

Diversity benefits everyone, and we believe all healthcare events should be gender balanced.

All women, in all NHS professions, are welcomed to join us and end ‘manels’ forever.

The WSH team from L-R: Nada Al-Hadithy, Katie Knight, Lucia Magee, Greta McLachlan, Rose Penfold

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